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Zulu DJ for PC

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AuthorNCH Software
Size4.9 MB


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About For PC

Zulu may be best alternative professional programs to Mix live Music. This is due not only to its quality audio engine but also to how easy it can handle music.

Mix music without any cost

Two independent players are included in the program (compatible with MP3, ASF, WMA and ASF among others formats), an automatic BPM counter (despite having a manual TapTempo), and a two-channel mixer.

Its core feature is the effect processor, which each player has. This allows us to use distortion, flanger, phaser, delay and other effects to alter the signal at real-time. Each effect also includes independent parameter controls and additonal functions so we can use multiple simultaneously.

Zulu can be a great option if you are new to digital audio mixing and want a tool that is free but has the professional features you need.