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World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer role-playing game . The game's popularity is due in large part to the game's great development, its expansions and the game world. We will need to create either a The Alliance or The Horde player character to accomplish missions and complete quests to improve our skills and raise our level .

All the help you will need for WoW

You'll need to do different missions in order to increase your level and get booty. It will become more challenging as you progress in your level. Some help might be helpful. WOW QuestHelper Extension accomplishes exactly this.

The add-on can be downloaded and extracted. Once this has been done we will have a revised mission menu and better maps. This will give us clues on how to complete each mission and recommend weapons and equipment. It also shows us which path is the fastest to get to each quest.

You can download WOW QuestHelper Addon now if you have any questions .