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About For PC

Are you a fan of arcane worlds and other mystical realms? Wizard101 is the game for you if your answer is "yes". You will be part of the school of young wizards, where your skills can develop. This is not a hobby activity. Wizard City needs you.

Wizard101 allows you to play multiplayer online and explore the vast world of the Spiral. Along with other young wizards, you'll discover new areas while fighting to save Wizard City. You also learn arcane abilities.

These are the features

  • There are seven magic schools that you can choose from.
  • Card-based Combat System.
  • To increase your power, win combats
  • Choose from different transport options for moving around.
  • You can bring your pet along on all of your travels.
  • You can decorate your bedroom, or you could buy new living space.

The Malistaire Drake is threatening to attack the Spiral.

Malistaire Draper, a magic teacher at School of Death has summoned Olyphants and Krotokopians to create chaos. Merlo Ambrosio, Ravenwood School of Magic's staff is in need of your help. Make your character and choose your magical school. Get ready to face danger.

Wizard101 is available for download. Get your spells ready and eliminate the threat to the Spiral.