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About For PC

Windows Server 2019, now available , the most recent version of the operating-system, specially designed for the cloud. Windows 8 Servers now offers an easy-to-build and flexible infrastructure to ensure safe connections within the work environment.

Financial support for your business

Windows Server 2019, is a way to save money for your organization. Microsoft understands the importance of technology investments in these economic times. Server 2019 features maximize resources and provide new solutions that can reduce management and activity costs .

Windows Server 2019: Some Features

  • Valid for companies and data centers all sizes
  • Hyper-V updated.
  • Preparated for travelers via remote connection.
  • ReFS New File System.
  • There are 4 versions that you can choose depending on what your requirements are.

Get Windows Server 2019, and to see the many benefits it offers for your company or institution.