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You'll remember the existence of chat and instant messaging systems before the massive impact that WhatsApp had on Facebook and Twitter. We had IRC at first. It was quite popular until Microsoft's Messenger came back to life.

Previously called MSN Messenger, the program became the favorite tool for users all around the globe to use. It evolved through different Windows versions (XP and Vista) until it was Windows Live Messenger. This advanced program is part of Windows Live's communication package that also contains other tools such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, or Photo Gallery.

Although we have already shared a part of the story, it is clear that the end result was the purchase of Skype by Bill Gates' company. This allowed for the easier migration of users from MSN to this app, which offered more functions and better adaptability to the user-level technologies. After purchasing Skype, Bill Gates' firm put an end to the software. This included simplifying migration from MSN to this application, which has many more features and is better equipped to meet the demands of the Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users.


  • You can instantly message all members of your contact group using instant messaging.
  • High definition cameras allow for video conferences.
  • Use this platform to share photos, music, and videos.
  • You can modify your status instantly. Different statuses can be applied depending on the users and groups.
  • Talk to your contacts via the inbound tray from your email. You can access all activity from Windows Live, without the need for the application to be installed.
  • Integration of social networks for all notifications together (Facebook. MySpace. LinkedIn ...)
  • Chat while you play
  • You can customize your background and session sounds.
  • Integration with Bing Search Engine
  • Share your activity on the Internet with your friends (YouTube. Flickr. WordPress ...)
  • Tabs group conversation windows together...

MSN 2011 represents a significant step in the right direction, particularly with regard to its traditional interface. A more comprehensive interface was needed to accommodate the new features. There are many more options . It also allows us to personalize many things. The emoticons were also updated.

You can communicate with the rest of the world, but you won't have to give up your privacy

Microsoft has paid the most careful attention to privacy when creating this new version of Live Messenger. There will be the option to select from different privacy profiles, and you can choose which people will have access to your information.

You can also install Windows Live Messenger and other Microsoft applications like Windows Live Mail or Windows Live Writer, as well as Photo Gallery.

Best possible elections

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular tools for communicating with friends via the Internet. You can now add features to all of the existing functions, and a particular mention to how they integrate with social networking to help you keep up to date with your user's activities.