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About For PC

A large majority of laptops have a Webcam. Many people also buy webcams to allow them to participate in video conference calls. It is much more enjoyable to be able see your fellow participant. There are limited programs that can be distributed via webcam. It is better to use other apps like Willing.

Maximize your webcam's potential

You can use a webcam through Willing to access a wider range of options for sending signals, including modifying brightness or contrast and applying many effects.

Willing HTMLcam offers additional options than just the signal options. These include:

  • Programmed recording. This allows the user to capture all webcam images within a specified time period.
  • Remotely send the signal. To have the data securely stored, you can configure your application to transmit the recording to an FTP Server.
  • Movement detection. The program can compare images to detect movement in front of the camera. It also offers the option to record or take photos.

You only need to download Willing if you want to have an app that significantly increases the capabilities of a webcam on your computer.