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Optical discs are used to distribute games on modern video gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii. The only problem with this support is that it can become unusable if there's too much dust and scratches. Wii Backup Fusion is designed to prevent this type of issue.

All your games backups

Wii backup Fusion lets you extract information from an optical disk so that it can be saved on an external storage device with the WBFS (used by Wii), or to the computer's hard drives as security measures.

Wii Backup Fusion also allows you search for images of disc covers so that you can see a visual representation of all the data stored within each file.

Wii Backup Fusion also offers another option: Burn a game to a new optical disk. This allows the original disc to be kept safe while the copied is being used.

You can make backups of your Wii games by downloading Wii Backup Fusion.