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The invention of MIDI is one of the most important in music composition over the last decade. It allows data to be transmitted using musicalnotation (16 multi-timbral channels at once) via one cable. This makes it much easier to compose any song.

Put a virtual piano on your MIDI devices

A series of keyboard controllers were created by various companies to allow the use of sounds from any sound modules or computers. One of these virtual modules, Virtual Piano, was one example. The small program simulates every instrument in any GeneralMIDI module. This means that we can access any type of string, wind, or percussion effects from one interface.

We can modify any parameter to each instrument, including the envelope (attack and decay and release), velocity, pitch, and sending effects.

Virtual Piano may be the right module for you if you are looking for a basic one that can provide all sorts of instruments to allow you to play your favourite songs using your MIDI keyboard.