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Virtual Midi Controller for PC

Virtual Midi Controller Details

AuthorSoundco Software
Size6.8 MB


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About For PC

Because it allows users to exchange and communicate data, the MIDI communication protocol can be found on many electronic music devices. With Virtual Middlei Controller, you can now have a MIDI keyboard for your computer.

These are the features

  • A virtual MIDI keyboard to your PC. To generate and transmit MIDIs, use the keyboard on your computer.
  • Redirect the MIDI inputs.
  • Window customizable.
  • Send MIDI data via layers. Multiple layers can be created.
  • This buffer includes a buffer that can be adjusted in size to allow for data registration.
  • Maximum 1,000 programs per bank
  • Includes standalone and VST versions .

Send MIDI data to the computer keyboard with Virtual Midi Controller. This tool will allow you to use your computer keyboard to control all of your musical instruments. Virtual Midi Controller has many options and is very versatile.

You can use your keyboard as a piano with the Virtual Midi Controller that you download for free.