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AuthorAtomix Production
Version2021 8.5.6886
Size186 MB


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About For PC

It's not as difficult as you might think to get a good piece of music software. You can unleash your creative side with a variety of programs. One of the most well-known is Virtual DJ. It also includes video editing features that are specifically designed for DJs.

Over 20 years of creating DJ programs

It has a simple interface that everyone who is familiar with electronic music deejaying can use. It's easy to add effects and modify the BPM. You can also do loops and scratches.

has been designed in detail. The upper area includes players and related functions. From there we can control certain aspects like the waveform or pitch. While the lower portion contains folders that you can use to quickly and easily access playlists and cover.

Main features

  • Mixing audio and video.
  • Scratches.
  • You can locate up to three CUE points per track.
  • Up to 99 decks supported
  • Sessions of recorded music
  • Make playlists.
  • Safe area or sandbox for mixing.
  • Make loops with variable lengths.
  • Pitch control and playback
  • Mixer integrated with gain control and equalizer
  • You can master tempo, BPM detection and auto-mix.
  • You can sample trigger with almost 20 transitions, including 12 audio and video effects.

Mixing songs should be controlled

This program lets us keep all of our song mixes under control. Its sandbox function allows the DJ to mix tracks even while another song plays for the crowd. Any DJ will find the right inputs and outputs in this workspace so that he can prepare his next mix confidently knowing it will turn out exactly as he expects.

Integrated editors

The wide selection of editors that are available is one of the greatest attractions of this system.

  • AutoMix allows you to prepare a series of mixes that you will remember later. This means that when you mix two tracks, unless otherwise indicated, they'll automatically enter and exit the same places.
  • Track cleaner allows you to modify songs and remove intros.
  • Video Editor allows you to add sound effects or text to your video. This program is designed for video DJing.
  • Sample editor allows you modify most samples (audio, video, images, or both) or to combine them.
  • POI editor: These points of interest include CUE points and AutoMix points.
  • BPM editor allows you adjust the beat for each song. It even lets you set different beats in the same track.
  • Tag editor : This tag editor allows you to group songs based on multiple criteria, and retrieve them when you want.

How much does Virtual DJ cost?

You can choose from different versions depending on how you use the software.

  • VirtualDJHome is free. This is a domestic device that can be used on a professional computer.
  • VirtualDJLE: This program is for domestic professionals who connect it to professional devices like MIDI controllers. It is sold with the controller. The price will vary depending on which model it is.
  • VirtualDJ PLUS: For professionals. The price of the VirtualDJ Plus ranges from 49 to 249 USD.
  • VirtualDJPRO can be bought by a monthly subscription for 19 USD or one annual payment of 299. Professional users also have the advantage of customizing settings for their controllers and being able broadcast to radio servers over the Internet or to save podcasts.

This is the latest version.

  • Improvements to and fixes for the database backup function.