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Valheim, the tenth Norse realm where you were taken by the Valkyries following your death in battle. You will be the youngest purgatory guardian and you'll fight Odin's enemies, the creatures of chaos.

Discover the world of Norse mythology

You will begin your adventure in the middle of Valheim. There you'll need to be ready to go into the most remote regions of the kingdom, where various elements of Norse mythology meet. You will need to travel through mountainous areas and dark forests to find materials that can be used to build weapons and armor. You will be able to freely move through an open, land- and water-based world in this adventure, role playing and action game .

Valheim is a game that combines classic concepts with a compelling storyline. It also features stunning graphics.

These are some of the most important functions and features Valheim offers:

  • Play solo or in cooperative multiplayer mode.
  • A wide range of weapons available and punitive fighting system that uses dodge and block.
  • You can build your own boats and sail along with them.
  • Summon legendary bosses and win!
  • You can manage your resources with the house and base construction system.
  • You can create objects using different elements.