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About For PC

TuxGuitar is a wonderful tool for music lovers, especially those who love the guitar. This application allows you to easily and comfortably create scores and tabs for your guitar , regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro at musical theory. You can also import TuxGuitar tabs to edit and view the tabs of your favourite songs . Download TuxGuitar now!

You can easily edit scores

TuxGuitar lets you create music, and teach how to play the songs by your favourite artists. You don't even need to know any sol-fa because you can use the tabs or the visualization to see the neck of your guitar to learn how to position your fingers for each song.

You can also import TuxGuitar tabs and songs you love or files from the Guitar Pro program that are compatible. You will only need to download the score of songs you wish to learn, and then open the files with TuxGuitar.

TuxGuitar's main features

  • Score viewer.
  • Note length management.
  • Multitrack display.
  • You can import and export files from GP3,, GP4 or GP5 files.
  • Tempo management.
  • Many audio effects are supported, including slide and vibrato.

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