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AuthorJosh Romito
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About For PC

GTA V was one of the most popular PC videogames of all time. Could it get better? A Pinnacle for V is a Mod of Rockstar's title. Josh Romito answered this question positively.

It does not just improve the graphics, by adding 4K textures into the settings. This makes the graphics more real than the original. However, it also completely changes the game and offers a new Grand Theft Auto V.

Graphics improved

Thanks to the Reshade, Enb setting and completely renovated graphics, this mod allows us to achieve a perfect balance of colors.

New textures in 4K

The Pinnacle of V Adds new textures all game objects including 4K textures

  • Clouds.
  • Water.
  • Stars and Moon
  • Blood.
  • Raindrops.
  • Fire.
  • Plants and grass

More realistic models

Pinnacle V was created to make it possible to travel around Los Santos in a car that isn't a toy. Every car, truck, and van has been altered to be more realistic in terms of collisions, high speed, and weight.

Character interactions are changing

GTA V characters including Trevor and Franklin are shown in the Pinnacle of V. Their relationships with each other have been modified. Police and gangs will treat street encounters more seriously. You can have friendly relations with animals in Los Santos, and pedestrians can be kept close without fear.

Much smarter population behavior

This mod makes Los Santos' traffic flow more real, including cars and passers-by. It also takes into consideration the daily rush hour and gives the city its own. This will make it easier for police to control traffic on foot and by car. We'll also see new faces each day.

More destruction and more violence

The weapons in GTA V were also improved beyond what was possible. Their sound is customized to each gun. They also have a greater destructive power and can penetrate materials previously impossible to penetrate.