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Today, sound engineers have tools like synthmaker that are available. These utilities were not possible until just a few short years ago. The audio programming tool allows you to make virtual instruments and sound effects without writing any code. You can use the created sounds with a MIDI controller, or any VST plugin from your software audio recorder.

A powerful audio sequencer

The many components include will allow you to program almost any tool you can imagine. You can combine filters, oscillators and effects to make instruments or sounds. This high-powered internal engine will allow you to achieve a excellent audio quality. You can export the instruments and effects, so you'll have them available for use in any sequencer.

Synthmaker will allow you to achieve the lowest programming level with these kinds of utilities. The software interface allows you to control the behavior of the components. However, it's also possible to work at higher levels.

You can download SynthMaker to see all the possibilities. It allows you to create virtual instruments by combining utility programs, which can lead to unique sounds and sounds within your library.