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About For PC

Synth1 a synthesizer that you can use with any audio host. The Clavia Nord 2 is the reference for this VST instrument. It's one of the most popular hardware synthesizers used in music.

These are the features

  • A 16-note VST Polyphonic Synthesizer has 128 presets available for use.
  • 2-oscylator instrument and ring modulation each with their own enveloping controls
  • 4 types of filters.
  • Up To 2 LFOs can be synchronized to the sequencer.
  • You can create automatic patterns using 'Arupeije.
  • You can use different effects to modify sound like chorus, delay, flanger and others.
  • Offer Legato e portamento
  • Automates parameters.

Music production studios have a historic legacy

Synth1 is a music production tool that has been used in many studios around the globe for years. This led to the creation of a large user community online, which offers all types of support material, including tutorials and sound presets.

Synth1 is available for download for free. It's a VST emulator of Clavia Nord Lead 2 synthesizer.