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Super MP3 Recorder for PC

Super MP3 Recorder Details

VersionPro 6.2
Size2.2 MB


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About For PC

Even though the program we are using is simple, it can be very useful for certain situations. SuperMP3 Recorder does precisely what it says: it records any MP3 file.

You can record sounds using MP3 format

The program works in the same way as the Windows audio recorder. However, instead of using WAV file recording, it saves what it records in MP3 format. This allows for sound files to be smaller but retain the same quality. The sound source is logically any device that you have, such as a microphone, a game, or audio from a multi-media player.

The program allows us to set very few parameters . However, it also includes the ability to modify the sound we recorded using a very small utility that offers some interesting options that can be used to make small improvements.