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About For PC

Mario is for Nintendo the same as Mickey Mouse to Disney. He is an icon. It is rare for any character to surpass his fame, so you can find tributes or remakes of its games outside Nintendo's systems (Super Mario Run is an exception).

Super Mario Bros. for PC

This game features Mario jumping from NES to Windows, landing there with 5 levels of graphics and music, classic characters, and enjoying the adventure of the greatest plumber in video game history. It's called Super Mario World Deluxe, and it offers endless fun on your computer.

Main features

  • 5 game levels.
  • There are many enemies.
  • Remote control support for playing
  • You can save as much as three games

It brings together many classic elements from games featuring this character. This makes the game easy to remember for anyone who is familiar with the subject. Although we cannot redefine the keyboard controls at all, you quickly get used to them.