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Post Mortem, Still Life were the previous installments. These graphic adventures are significant milestones in video game history. They were both technologically advanced and playable.

Find the crime and decrypt the clues

We will begin to investigate Audrey Dunningan's death, which was a Maine girl, in Still Life 2. As Victoria McPherson (detective), we'll be working with Paloma Hernandez as the reporter to search for clues and then process them. The crime spree seems to have been committed by "The Torturer", a serial killer that FBI agents have not been able capture. Take the items you might find useful in the future. Follow the clues to get you to the assassin, and seek out collaborators who will assist you with your investigation.

Still Life2 is a disturbing playing environment that creates. Thanks to the amazing graphics and the incredibly frightening soundtrack, it's a sure-fire way to succeed. We wish you all the best in your research.