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About For PC

You can download music today from where? We used to use Napster or Kazaa to get songs in MP3 to our computers. But, music streaming is now the norm.

Only problem is with Swedish music streaming platforms, if you aren't Premium user we won't be able to access the offline mode. We also need to have an Internet connection in order to hear our favourite songs. This was before Spotify Player, which allows us to save our playlists on Windows.

Spotify music download using SPD

To use Spotify Player Downloader, you only need to download the application and then enter your Spotify credentials into the appropriate fields. Follow the steps in the dialogue box.

This program can be used by simply accessing Spotify's webplayer , copying URLs to the playlists you're interested and then pasting these links into boxes that are available for this purpose. Up to 5 playlists can be downloaded simultaneously. The songs will then be saved in your Music folder.

Main features

  • Get complete playlists from Spotify.
  • In just seconds, songs can be saved to your computer.
  • MP3 files with a 160kbps bitrate.
  • Cover art automatically downloaded
  • You can customize the automatic renaming option for downloaded files.
  • Download up to five playlists at once