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You decide to contract an Internet connection with 300 megas using fiber optics. Do you think that you are getting this speed? It's nearly impossible to get such a large figure, and it is obvious. But Before you blame entropy and your Internet Service Providers (ISPs), have a look this Windows 10 application.

HTML5 is irrelevant if your Internet connection doesn't work as it should. The average user must take a leap of faith in contracting speed. How can you know if what you are paying is true? Stop being a loser. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can use Speedtest to find out if your speed is being taken advantage of.

What does Speedtest look like?

The process couldn't have been simpler. Simply open the program, wait for the app to start and then click the big button that reads 'GO. You can allow the app geolocate your location and the closest optimal server will automatically be selected. However, you have the option to manually select any other server from the list. This simple test will allow you to see a lot of useful and interesting things.

  • You download speed and upload speed.
  • Your connections will fluctuate thanks to real-time graphics, which are dependent on signal reception.
  • All your search results can be saved to a log.
  • Please share your findings.

You can download a beta version from its web site if you have Windows 8 and earlier. They haven’t forgotten the old-fashioned users, thank goodness.