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VersionPro 12
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About For PC

Many audio editors are available that are capable of doing the job. For more complicated use you need something such as Sound Forge. Sony's most popular editor for audio, Sony. is for audio professionals and audio editors.

Sound Forge provides a range of tools to digitally produce audio . It is a sound editor that allows us to record, edit, process, master, and even burn to optical disks.

These are the features

  • Real-time Audio editing based on audio events.
  • Record audio using your sound card. You can do this in a variety of ways with RMS and VU meters.
  • Over 40 studio effects can be used to process audio.
  • Recover audio files using and restore sound by plug-ins "Noise Reduction 2".
  • You can work with files of 24, 32, and 64 bits at 192kHz resolution.
  • Also includes iZotope mastering program "Mastering Effects Bundle 2".
  • It supports video formats such as AVI and WMV, which is ideal for audio synchronization.
  • Includes SRC interpolation by iZotope.

A modernized audio production suite

Sony continues to broaden the capabilities of one its most popular programs. Sound Forge has new features such as interface customization that allows you to save multiple templates, new fade curves or interactive tutorials. These are great for learning about the program and its tools.

Download Sound Forge to process audio files using the same resources as professional studios.