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Sony Super Duper Music Looper for PC

Sony Super Duper Music Looper Details

AuthorSony Corporation
VersionXPress 2.0
Size18.8 MB


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Let your kids play with the Sony Super Duper Music Looper if you're interested in teaching them sound program. This software is designed to entertain children and allow them to create their own music.

Software for music creation by kids

The extensive experience that SONY brings to the music industry has allowed them to design a program that will allow children to make their own music as well as mix for the fastest results.

A full orchestra is available to Sony Super Duper Music Looper. The children will be able to use percussion, strings and wind instruments as well as sound effects. They will have the ability to modify and mix any value, so they can complete the song in the way they choose.

It is very simple to understand how it works. The instruments are included so that the kids can simply paint the ones they like or remove them. You can create a variety of music with each instrument. The songs are easily exportable to CD, WAV, MP3 or files, and can also be sent by email to your friends.