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You probably played many Sonic games back in your youth if you were an SEGA Gamer. He was a champion in his battle against Mario Bros as a child, though the plumber became the star of most modern video games. Sonic has returned to mobile and PC. This Sonic The Hedgehog II is available for download on Steam.

You can play with Sonic and Tails

Robotnik Dr. Robotnik can be a real pain and now he is turning innocent animals into robotics in order to create his final weapon. Sonic's thoughts on Dr. Robotnik are disturbing if you find this annoying. Don't panic! Tails, the blue hedgehog friend will help you out this time. You can play this platform game alone with both the heroes, or you can choose to splitscreen and share your adventures with another friend. You will find eleven levels of entertainment and fun, including bucolic settings, casinos, oceans and chemical plants. You must find the seven Chaos Emeralds and stop the evil doctor from executing his schemes.

You can buy it as a standalone item or as part of a package

SEGA Classics is an effort by SEGA. It brings back Mega Drive games, recreates them, and allows you to enjoy the SEGA Classics collections on new platforms. You can purchase the Sonic The Hedgehog II game on Steam for a reasonable price, or buy the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Classics Pack which includes 59 classic games nostalgic gamers will love.