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Songsmith is an unusual application that you can use to create your own music. Based on your singing, you can create musical accompaniment In other words: Songsmith It will automatically create music to accompany your vocals, using the arrangement and harmony that are most suitable for you. To hear music accompaniment, you will only need to speak through the microphone.
You will need to begin to compose a song. Choose the style you like Start recording and start singing. Songsmith We will listen to your voice, and then we will make recommendations. Create harmonies that are most in tune with your vocal features . It will surprise and entertain you. The result will be editable and can be modified. When you are satisfied with the sound, you can export the file as WMA, WAV and MIDI .

Songsmith creates rhythms and beats that you can adapt to your pauses or change the pace. You can change the style after recording. You can create different versions of your song . You can also use it for entertainment. Songsmith It is possible to make versions of old songs using the backend created by the software.

You should try it Songsmith You will have fun creating unique songs using your voice.