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Some games are born out of failure and become huge hits. This could be true for this game, which started as a Kickstarter campaign but was never funded. Jon Hare's Kickstarter campaign failed to raise enough funds for the release of the new version or successor of Sensible Soccer, the 1992 game he created. He did make a comeback, however, and released an early access code on Steam. He succeeded because Sociable soccer is now available for Windows.

It's been a Kickstarter failure, but it has now become an early Steam access product

This game has been redesigned and offers a faster playing experience. However, it retains some retro elements as well as its 2D graphics that were used in the original game (such as the ability to position the camera top-down) and will bring back memories of the first game. The game's motto is "Easy to learn, easy to play". This means even though a monkey can play, becoming the greatest player of the game will take a little more effort.

Sociable soccer is made up of almost 1000 clubs and international team. This translates into a total of 30,000 players. Each player has their own card, which we can access online. It is easy to use the controls, which allow us to quickly and easily respond on pitch. You can choose to play alone or with a local multiplayer partner in this early-access version. However, online play is not possible. Boss Mode will allow you to develop your team and compete against other players from around the globe for international trophies. This career mode offers at most 100 hours of entertainment and fun.

The final release will allow you to not only play online but also to create your teams or manage them. If you don't want to do that, the computer can take care of it. All this, and at a very affordable cost for everyone.