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AuthorJohn Taylor & Associates
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Although fax technology has been completely obsoleted, some communication still take place via this method and it is not being replaced by email. Even though Fax are essential for most companies, they will be eliminated completely if you install Snappy Faxe.

Turn your PC into a fax

To send and get faxes, all you need is a modem that can be connected to your telephone line. This system has the advantage that faxes can be received electronically on your computer and not printed off. The program will store the fax as an email and allow us to consult it from the computer.

Snappy Fax allows you to scan documents and use the scanner's peripherals . It is possible to save time by simply selecting the digital format of the document you wish to send.

Snappy Fax is a premium add-on that allows you to view the Outlook contacts and see which phone number or fax number we require.