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Smart Defrag can be used to clean up hard drives on our computer. This will prevent it from becoming slower to retrieve the information.

A simple interface that doesn't require any additional steps

To display all information and options, the program has a simple and clear interface. This interface makes it easy for anyone to use the program after just a few times. It's something you won't find in many programs this size.

After installing the app, we need to defragment the hard drives. Then we can leave it running in background to ensure that the program doesn't lose any new data.

This application can be used not only to defragment the hard drives but also optimize it. It will position all files and directories the user most frequently in areas that are easier for the computer to read.

You can also program your application at times that are least disruptive to the user to ensure that the computer works in its best condition.

Download and install Iobit smart Defrag for a simple, easy and cost-free way to defragment the hard drives of your computer.