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Fortnite is a popular online shooter and action game, but that is not true. There are many titles available that can be used as alternatives to Epic Games' cult-favorite video game. This SCUM PC game is one of these. It offers an open-world environment in which our characters will have to evolve to survive in hostile environments.

Your main character is a violent and morbid reality TV show.

You'll be able to see a trailer, game play, or analysis and you will know there's a lot to explore. The reality series features us as the protagonists. It takes place on an island where participants must survive while entertaining the viewers and making money for their sponsors. The sponsors will give us many gifts from their brands scattered around the island, to aid us in our fight.

This customizable level allows us to customize our characters in a way we have never experienced . In which your skills and knowledge about the terrain will matter more than the most powerful weapons, it also offers a customisation option for our characters. This PvP game features graphics created with Unreal Engine 4.

It allows you to personalize your characters unlike other shooters. The survival of our species will hinge on factors such as our metabolism and inertia, or the speed at which our clothing can dry.

This game is without a doubt the best shooter, Battle Royale, or other multiplayer online action games.