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It is very common for teachers to create more than 20 tests and exams each year. If traditional tools are used, it may not yield the desired results. Therefore, it is recommended to use a program such as Schoolhouse test.

Design classroom exams

The Schoolhouse Test interface is identical to Microsoft Office 2010. It offers all the necessary tools to help you prepare for any type of exam. This includes diagram-solving, filling in the gaps and multiple options... Plus, the ability to attach an image to every question in the exam.

Schoolhouse Test's distribution system makes it easy to change the order of questions by following just a few steps. This tool also has the added benefit of allowing you to spell-check in other languages, such as Spanish, French and German, even though it is only available in English.

If you are looking for a program to help you prepare for exams and tests the most efficient way, then download and test Schoolhouse.