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VersionMusic Studio 2019
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About For PC

It's hard for any program to claim a market share with all of the options available today. Magix plans to include Samplitude in the group, which includes the top audio sequencers. This product is stable, flexible, and extremely complete. It can be used to create a master track and then burn it onto a CD.

Optional Added to Samplitude

These are some of the most notable aspects of Hamplitude Music Studio:

  • Tools to Record Audio.
  • Possibility to edit and mix sound tracks.
  • There is a separate effects section, which includes two guitar emulators and a bass.
  • Compatibility to ASIO/MME drivers
  • Insertion VST effects and instruments, as well as a mastering suite that includes all of the processing units we might need to finish our songs.

After the program has been installed, you can obtain a set of instruments specifically designed for the sequencer.

  • BeatBox is a virtual beatbox with its own sound collection.
  • Revolta (a synthesizer that has analogical overtones)
  • Vintage Effects Suite (Collection of pedals for guitar that can process any signal)
  • Via (a very easy-to-use sampler).
  • There are many more.

Samplitude is a comprehensive solution that will give you all of the necessary tools to make music.