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About For PC

This MMORPG combines fantasy and science fiction. It is called Ryzom. The action takes place on a plant-rich planet. This means the planet can change constantly due to evolution, which could lead to the inhabitants fighting for control over the available resources.

You will have to pick your side once you begin a game. By choosing your side, you can increase certain skills or give priority to others. For example, politics, trading, hunting and so forth. characters, however, aren't subject to any classes and can learn whatever skills they desire like hunting, war, and magical features.

Main features

These are the key features of this amazing title.

  • The actions taken determine the character.
  • Huge massive battles.
  • You can also choose to take part in battles.
  • High-tech resource extraction and collection system.
  • A powerful AI system that can control wildlife on the planet.
  • Five different ecosystems create a dynamic environment.

While Ryzom includes in-app subscriptions and in-app purchase, it is an open-source project that lets its users collaborate on the creation of new functions.