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About For PC

Do you remember the episode of The Simpsons where Homer fantasized about visiting a Monster Trucks program? Imagine those massive vehicles playing football. You should not think about Optimus Prime and his Transformer mates having a good time. Rocket League focuses on large cards performing a lot of stunts, and also playing football. There is nothing that could go wrong. You can already play this great game on Steam.

You'll be able to see the shape of Kin-Ball if you are into it. To cover the entire ball's circumference, you would need at least three to four players like Pau Gasol. Everything in the game of is massive . This includes the way the matches are played. Enjoy all the amazing acrobatic moves and skills that these vehicles offer if you like the idea.

Multiplayer action

If you are still reading, it means you find this game fascinating. You can either play alone or with one to three friends on a split screen. You can also play online with as many drivers as you like, either individually or in a group. Even other players can join you on the internet, such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

It has been designed in 3D. The interface can be downloaded in 12 languages. You can create your own team and configure and customize your cars . You can make your car look completely different with millions of combinations.