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About For PC

Retro gamers often consider the era when video consoles like the NES, Super NES and Mega Drive were the best in video game history. You should definitely download the RetroArch emulator if you agree.

Restore the classic games of a bygone era

This emulator can load the ROMs for nearly any old video console (both handheld and desktop). Here are some examples of video consoles that you will find in the catalog.

  • Game Boy
  • NES.
  • Nintendo 64.
  • Nintendo DS.
  • PlayStation.
  • Master System.
  • Mega Drive.
  • SMega CD.
  • SSaturn.
  • Super Nintendo.

The program can also be used with virtually all gamepads. It even allows you to save your games (as it does in emulators), which was not possible back when the original consoles were available. It also lets us play online games, as if this weren't enough. You could not ask for more.