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Reusing an older computer is giving it another purpose. It can be used as a server or media center, and even installed a MAME. With RemixOS, there is a new way to install Android.

How to install Android on a computer

Now, instead of having to use an emulator such as Bluestacks to do this, we just need to save a file on our computer and store it in a flash drive. Our old computer can now be used to install any APK from the most widely-used mobile operating system .

This allows you to use a desktop environment that is similar to Windows or Mac. It also includes a set of windows that are resizeable.

Android notification on your computer

Remix OS works on any computer just as it does on a tablet or mobile phone. With notifications, and Google Play being the primary source of applications. It's focused on apps for office, games, and social media. You can use all the functions of your mouse (including right-click), to access them.

After a quick installation on a USB stick, you can now use WhatsApp, Clash of Clans and Instagram from your computer.