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Over the past few years, Propellerhead has been a well-known company within the music technology industry. Record, their latest product, is a complete multitrack recording device that was specifically designed for musicians who are seeking an easier way to record their music . You can move audio from one program to another in just a few clicks. It's simple and efficient.

Make sure to record your musical compositions

In order to inspire, you need tools that can be used at any time to capture anything. Record offers multiple options to make this process easier. This software's main objective doesn't diminish the other options it has. You can export your recordings with maximum quality using the sequencer and mixer. These plug-ins for guitar are well worth noting, as they were provided by Line 6. There are 4 different ones that offer the best quality amps.

Multicore audio allows you to exceed your processing limitations, even for long-term projects. can be used with any ASIO driver compatible audio cards. This guarantees a low latency when using the program. Additional functions include the 64 simultaneous output and input channels as well as the possibility to launch the program via Rewire using Reason or any other sequencer.

Record is a great tool for musicians who don't want to deal with complicated processes in order to express their ideas. Sound engineers should be left behind, it is time to let the real musicians shine.