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About For PC

Reason is one of the best software tools for creating music. It integrates everything you need to mix, master, and create any song. It has a clean and well-designed interface. This is evident by the colors of the modules and how easy it is to distinguish the active elements from the MIDI editing window.

Modules Included

  • Subtractor and Malstrom are three virtual synthesizers that have a variety of properties. They can emulate Moog machines or create 8-bit sounds.
  • Redrum - A rhythm box that contains 10 cells to store samples. You can edit the sample's tone and length using multiple controls on each channel.
  • , NN-19 and Dr. REX simulates many functions of a hardware sampling device, including the indifferent sampling or playback of cut sounds.
  • A collection of effects: Contains vocoders, delay, equalizers and filters.
  • MClass Mastering Suite - A collection of dynamic processors that are focused on the production phase.

Reason also offers compatibility to ReWire, which allows you to communicate with other programs and ASIO sound card.