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The power and versatility of computers has allowed computer-based music to evolve. However, there have been many developments that offer more than just appealing, easy-to-use composition environments. They also include more technical tools for creating music like assistance to build chords, sentence morphing modes or assistants to write them.

RapidComposer has a simple interface but provides a stable environment for audio sequence and MIDI. The interface is built around three blocks that allow you to view the settings of the program and select the instruments. You can also access the composition tools, assistants, editing, mixing, and other areas.

Main features

  • Compatible with VSTi instruments, SF2 sound banks.
  • Chords and scale for line libraries.
  • The majority of available sound cards are supported.
  • It can be controlled using a standard MIDI Controller.

Download RapidComposer if you enjoy music composition and want to work in a safe environment.