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RaidCall allows you to chat in real time with your game friends or other members of the same clan.

To plan and guarantee victory in online multiplayer games such as World of Tanks or Call of Duty, players must have constant communication. RaidCall is available for Windows.

How to use RaidCall online

After logging in to the app, we can visit rooms that specialize in various video games. We also have the option of browsing the list using the search box or by creating our own.

To do this, all we need to do is choose the topic of the group, give it a name, and choose the target group. Only then, we'll need to wait for our fellow gamers to sign up.

We can also configure the group by adding passwords so that only players we choose are allowed to join. Create blacklists for complete security.

RaidCall points system

RaidCall has an extremely social aspect. Users can also compete using the points system to improve their user level.

Each gamer earns one point for every hour spent online. The maximum number of points per day is 24. Levels have their own points threshold. They range from level 1 (with 0 points) to 45 (34748 points). Everybody tries to claim to have a higher level .

RaidCall and Skype

You might be left wondering, after reading the above, why RaidCall is necessary if you already have Skype on your PC. This program allows for much greater access to the Internet.

It's always great to have a program that specializes in online games, and not just a VoIP app, particularly if RaidCall has a voice quality almost unbeatable.

It has a low latency which is crucial in the game world, where one millisecond could mean the difference in winning or losing. Its low resource consumption, as well as the very low bandwidth needed to run it smoothly add to all of this.

It also comes with two mode. This makes it more flexible. You can use it as a walkie talkie, similar to Zello. To transmit sound, you need to press the voice button. Or, you can leave your microphone open to allow for audio to be sent and received at all times.

All this being said, you won't be surprised to learn that several clans require their members have the program installed.