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Pure Analyzer System allows you to analyze all types of audio signals and perform measurements.

This package contains three tools that can be used to professionally work with audio, whether it's in a recording studio or during live concerts.

  1. Pure Analyzer Studio.
  2. Pure Analyzer Surround.
  3. Pure Analyzer Live.

These are the features

  • Comprehensive audio analysis tool.
  • The Sample grabper plug-in allows you to separate the reception from the analysis. It also supports ASIO, Core Audio.
  • A customizable and appealing interface that allows you to choose from different templates depending on your task, as well as redistribution for the work area.

Professional features and professional results

Flux Pure Analyzer displays the results via striking 3D and 2D graphics which try to make them easier to see. OpenGL takes advantage of your GPU to create graphics engines. You will need a good video card in order to access this program.

Waveforms, signal meters, signal meters and spectrograms are all available in this software. This software has many amazing features. This software is essential for anyone who works professionally with audio.