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AuthorPuran Software
VersionFree 7.7.1
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About For PC

Puran defrag, a comprehensive disc defragmentation tool will improve your computer's performance. Fragmentation is a condition where files are not stored in the right way. This can lead to memory being wasted. It is highly recommended to use puran defrag free edition in order to solve the problem and maintain your computer's optimal performance.

Make sure your computer is in top condition

It is an easy disc defragmenter that optimizes your system by compiling and organizing all fragments in your files. This will improve your system's performance, reduce wear on your hard drives and extend their lifespan.

Puran defrag can also be very useful for your computer. It optimizes your hard drive to make it take less time to fragment and allows you to have easier access to most frequently used files. It can also be programmed to defragment the hard drive at a specific time.