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A partition can be used to divide a hard disk into different parts for various purposes. This can be problematic so Partition Magic is available.

Partition Magic lets you create, resize, and join partitionswhile keeping the data on your hard drive intact or redistributing the space. This tool allows you to organize partitions and protect them .

These are the features

  • Software that can be used to manage and work with disk partitions.
  • Make backups, and run multiple operating systems.
  • Convert files between different file systems. Compatibility with NTFS and FAT32 of Linux/UNIX.
  • Repair errors in the partition tables, and retrieve lost sectors.
  • Use the BootMagic function for quick switching between different OS.


Time saving is the most important benefit of Parition Magic. This is because you won't have to restart your computer every time you want to change partitions. This tool is a simple and effective way to improve your productivity and performance while working on the computer.

You can download Partition Magic free of charge if your hard disk is partitioned. This will allow you to take advantage of extra space that you already have for many tasks.