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About For PC

Nero offers many tools, but this audio editor allows you to edit and enhance any sound recording. Nero WaveEditor allows us to modify the file through cutting, pasting and changing sections as well as adjusting various parameters.

Nero WaveEditor vs Audacity: game on

Nero is the perfect tool for anyone who has always considered Audacity to be the most powerful sound editor. The design allows anyone to make edits, even those who have never had to do track editing. These are the main functions and features of this product:

  • You can add as many audios you like.
  • See the waveform of the audio.
  • Audio sections available.
  • Support for drag & drop actions.
  • You can move audio pieces within the track.
  • You can export the edited sound in other formats, such as WAV or MP3, or save it as Nero.
  • A huge selection of filters and equalization instruments.

It also offers complete editing capabilities without compromising sound quality, as mentioned previously.