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VOIP is the most popular communication system on the Internet. It allows users to communicate with each other via the Internet by using their computer and microphone. Although there are many software programs available that enable this type of communication, the best is Skype.

All your Skype calls can be recorded

This type of communication does have a minor flaw. It doesn't allow you to keep a record of the conversation so that you can check for any details or other information later. This can be easily solved by MX Skype Recorder. It allows you to record any voice communication using Skype or Google Talk. You also have the ability to use Yahoo Messenger.

The application supports two modes of recording: automatic , which will record the audio as soon as it starts. It will also stop after it ends. It will also allow users to select whether they want to record all speakers on one audio track, or if each speaker is to be recorded in separate audio tracks. In both cases, the final audio file will be an M3.

You can download MX Skype recorder to capture your VoIP calls .