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It is possible to find the problem when downloading a live album, or DJ session. All songs are stored on one track. This means that if you want to hear a particular song, we need to move forward or backwards through each track.

Divide MP3 files into small fragments

MP3Cutter allows us to cut an MP3 file into various pieces, so that we can enjoy each song separately. Although the interface and functioning of the program may seem a little confusing to users who are not familiar with audio editing tools, the results of the program are excellent.

This program works as follows: first, add files to the "BIN", then, using the cut module select parts to be cut. Then, the "CUE” list will be created. Last but not least, we need to save the files created in MP3 format .

MP3Cutter is a lightweight and free tool that can be used to crop songs you download from the Internet.