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MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer for PC

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AuthorKrzysztof Andrzejczak
Size2.1 MB


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The dynamic range is the difference in pitch between the lowest and highest audible sound. It's usually expressed as decibels. The dynamic range can vary based on music style. MP3 Dynamic range Analyzer is the best tool to determine the dynamic range for a particular song.

MP3 Dynamic range Analyzer is an easy Java application that allows users to find dynamic ranges for MP3 files.

MP3 dynamic range analyzer only requires that the user choose the file to be analyzed. It will then automatically begin its analysis, with the same-loudness contour displayed on the screen.

After the analysis has been completed MP3 Dynamic range Analyzer will display the results to the user on the screen.

To analyse the dynamic range of the music you listen to most often, all you need to do is download MP3 Dynamics Range Analyzer.