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There are numerous ways to communicate today, however calls to mobile phones can prove costly and many users find messaging apps like WhatsApp to be impersonal. To avoid such programs, we have VoIP apps like Moovicha.

Talk wherever you're at

First, Movicha is a mobile video chat that allows users to communicate with each other regardless of where they may be. Its developers know that must be accessible for all major platforms . This is why it offers versions for most platforms, including Android and iPhone as well as Mac.

See the person on the other side of the line

Another notable feature of Movicha is the ability to participate in videoconferences with your contacts . In this way, you can view the person you are speaking to during a conversation .

The features of iMovicha

  • Participate in Chat Conversations.
  • You can make calls via the Internet.
  • Participate in videoconferences.
  • Contact book that allows you to keep track of all your contacts and offers the option to arrange them in different categories.
  • Create groups in order to make it easier to communicate with large groups.

Get Movicha to get one of the most popular VoIP apps.