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Although Apple's iPhone and iPad are great devices, the reality is that they haven't done enough to simplify their management for Mac users (although it does excel among macOS users).

Companies like EaseUS, for example, have recognized the needs of millions of users of Apple's tablets and smartphones as well as Windows computer systems. They created MobiMover to help users transfer files between iOS operating systems and Microsoft's desktop .

MobiMover is the easiest method to move files between iOS and Windows

The program simplifies this whole process and prevents users from needing to use iTunes for tedious tasks. It makes the whole process as easy as plugging a smartphone or other device into a computer.

  1. First, choose an iPhone or iPad that you wish to use for work.
  2. Step 2 Select the files you want.
  3. Step 3 : Transfer them from your iPhone/iPad to your PC, or vice versa.

What are MobiMover's main features?

These are some of the key features and functions you will find in EaseUS's program:

  • Compatible with many files, including photos, music and videos as well voice messages and office documents. Contacts, notes, etc.
  • You can transfer files from iOS to Windows both ways.
  • Your PC acts as an intermediary to transfer files between iOS devices.
  • You can create new items or delete them from your computer using your iOS device.
  • You can easily manage your files with a user-friendly interface.

This program is free to use, but you also have the option of downloading a paid edition that will provide you technical support whenever you need it.