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AuthorGForce Software
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Virtual emulations of synthesizers are rarely capable of producing the same results that the original. Minimonsta is able to achieve this feat with the most powerful synthesizer of all time: Minimoog. It was manufactured between 1971 and 1982.

You can imitate the sounds of the Minimoog

Minimoog's virtual model clones all the features and options of Bob Moog's synthesizer, but adds additional capabilities thanks to modern computing such as polyphony or an extra LFO.

These waveforms were created with great precision. The same is true for the filter's behavior. With ADSR envelopes, you can send any parameter variable wavebands to it with various delay or synchronization options. Minimonsta is capable of performing all types of modulations using MIDI protocol. This protocol will allow you to control the software from any compatible control surface.

You can create many sounds with a VST such as Minimonsta. You can either use the Minimonsta presets, or make your own. The best Minimoog Emulator is what you want. You can choose Minimonsta to create your music.