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A music notation program is required to be able use MIDI sound modules while maintaining a classical composition aspect. Melody Assistant can maintain this aspect using scores, bass and guitar tabs as well as percussion lines .

Follow the classical method to compose melodies

Melody Assistant lets you create music in an old-fashioned way. It includes all elements found in any music score. You can even immediately listen to the scores you create, so that you are able to hear how your music sounds.

Any composition can be viewed

You will be able to create music and export data from sequencers such as Reason, Cubase, or Pro Tools to convert it to. These compositions can be read by all musicians.


  • Create music using the classic notation.
  • Import data from music sequencing.
  • Data input by MIDI controllers.
  • HTML export compositions in PDF or audio (MP3 and WAV).
  • Make your work easier by customizing the interface

It will be very useful to download Melody assistant. This may be the right tool for you if your academic music program is in full swing and you are looking to create music, or modify sequencer-generated works.