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AuthorMagicScore Software
Version8 Maestro
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About For PC

MagicScore a musical notation program with advanced capabilities to deal with audio and music.

The perfect combination: A musician and MagicScore.

This program can be used to create music. MagicScore provides other tools for composers and musicians.

These are the features

  • Software for music notation
  • You can input the notes using the piano keys or guitar tabs.
  • Large range of music symbols.
  • You can edit notes and MIDI files.
  • Compatible with External MIDI Controllers.
  • Integrated Player: Listen to your creations with various instruments...

Are you a beginner or an experienced musician?

MagicScore is difficult if you don't know much about music notation. Although it is not the most ideal application for starting composing, there are many other ways to do so. However, if you are willing to learn the ropes, you'll likely end up an exceptional musician.

This program is also perfect for professionals. The program offers many advanced functions that will benefit musicians' talents.

Download MagicScore: A great program for composers and musicians.